Road 96 Gameplay Showcases Jarod and Numerous Bad Decisions

As part of the Summer Game Fest, developer DigixArts released some new gameplay for Road 96 with creative director Yoan Fanise providing commentary. Along with providing a look at how the procedural adventure title can advance based on one’s decisions, we’re introduced to Jarod. Voiced by Mikee Goodman, Jarod drives a taxi, likes dinosaurs and has anger issues.

Unfortunately, saying you don’t like dinosaurs can anger Jarod. Somehow, this all leads to him assuming you’re a Brigade member and threatening to shoot you. Even if the player manages to escape, the adventure keeps going, no doubt awaiting any further bad decisions you may choose to make.

This interaction with Jarod is one of many that can take place when venturing all the different roads. You’ll meet other characters, each with their back-stories and motivations. Depending on the decisions made, you could also potentially change the country. Road 96 is out later this Summer for Nintendo Switch and PC with a demo currently available as part of the Steam Next Fest.

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