Nioh 2 – How to beat the Ippon-Datara

In a fiery village in Nioh 2 lives a hot-blooded variety of Yokai: the Ippon-Datara. While there are quite a lot of safe opportunities for retaliation in your fight with this sword-wielding spirit, there are more than enough moves in its arsenal to drive you hopping mad – especially the second time you encounter it.

Nioh 2 – How to beat the Ippon-Datara

For Onmyo Magic users, now’s the time to equip your Water Talismans.

I’ve embedded two videos this time around, one for the first fight with an Ippon-Datara, but another for the second – and in my opinion more difficult – test.

The first time you face the Ippon-Datara is in an enclosed space, and maybe I was just lucky but it didn’t use its hopping attack – its most difficult to deal with.

The second time one blocks your progress, you’re being peppered with bombs and it’s much more trigger happy with the hopping.

Personally, I think it’s much easier to retreat around the corner – away from the bombing Gaki – and square up for this fight on the nearby bridge.

When the Ippon-Datara does the hopping attack you have two options: Either back off until it stops, or roll past it, underneath the Ippon-Datara. That sounds scary, but is actually pretty safe to do. Just don’t get caught up in the bounces by sticking around for too long.

Your chance to return fire comes at the end of most of its combos. Rather than trying to block like with the Enki earlier, I’ve found more success manoeuvring around the edge of the Ippon-Datara’s range.

The normal overhead smash can be repeated. Don’t rush in after it does it once, but you can dash in after the second one for a couple of hits.

Otherwise, punish the Burst Counters for all they’re worth. The overhead slam is quite easy to predict. If you dodge that Burst Counter it leaves a fire puddle on the floor, so I’d recommend using the Burst Counter wherever possible to guard against a-o-e damage over time.

When it turns around and gets onto one hand, you need to back well off to get away from the two long slashes that are headed your way.

If you find yourself in behind, be careful. Slash once or twice, then dodge step backwards because he can turn around with a big slash to hit you.

After you’ve beaten the Mezuki you get a shiny new toy in the form of a powerful Yokai Ability. The Ippon-Datara are quite weak to Yokai Abilities, so whack one of them out if you need a finisher.

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